The lupus site message boards > lupus > tests and procedures > and the good news is... Pda view full version : and the good news is... Trindy 05-12-2011, 04:43 pm i've had a rheumy/renal appointment today and was frankly dreading it. viagra tadalafil avis Long wait there always is and so i was really stressed when i got in there. generic viagra online Anyway the good news is that my kidney function has improved by enough that i don't need an hdu bed for my neurosurgery and i no longer have any protein either. viagra online forsale I was stunned i still have stage 3 kidney failure but the improvement means i will still need to be on the drip prescribed by them but can be nursed afterwards on the main ward. women taking viagra recreationally I have phoned the neurosurgeon's secretary and she will pass the imformation on to him. buy viagra without prescription Just on the down side i kind of got the feeling i had been downgraded on the list but of course that could have been because of the hdu bed requirement. So i hope this will help matters and get me my surgery asap. viagra cost Also i received an apointment today for a gastro appointment 6 months later than they promised. buy viagra I feel really cross i've been struggling on with swallowing problems for over 12 months and they should have seen me in december and it's just come through. I feel so annoyed i go round and roundincircles. cheapest generic viagra online I wish they'd talk to each other. Gastro thinks the problem is scleroderma - rheumy says no - neurosurgeon says caused by brain condition. If they change their minds on this again i'll :screamin: anyway not to let them get me down i'm going to :):):) trindy xxx cally 05-12-2011, 04:47 pm great news on the kidneys trindy! Make sure you phone again on monday and find out if they have scheduled you a new date now that you do not need an hdu bed, it should be easy enough to fit you in! viagra tablets for men uk Chase them up plenty... Sorry about the appointments, 6 months is a ridiculous wait, when is it? viagra tadalafil avis Within the month i hope? Keep your chin up, you've had a really hard few months but hopefully things are turning a corner for you. viagra tadalafil avis Take care, cally xx trindy 05-12-2011, 06:54 pm thanks cally yes the gastro appointment is a month tomorrow. I shouldn't moan at least it isn't.